Beginning of the harvest time of 2013 15.12.2012

In December harvesting of 2013 has begun at Uman Greenhouse Complex.

Our enterprise is specialized in cultivation of high-grade tomatoes and cucumbers.

Our products are presented at the national and world markets by such trends as “FROM THE GARDEN BED” and “GORDIY”.

Realistic environment has been carefully restored at our enterprise. So, the vegetables from the UGC are similar to those cultivated on the field, and they are much better protected against diseases, weathering and other negative influencing environmental factors.

Today’s production of the Company is a fresh and tasty decoration of the table, a treasury of vitamins and useful elements. Vegetables are a necessary ingredient of our diet, and the use of modern technologies ensures all their nutritive qualities!

“From the bed – directly to your table!” – it is the today’s motto of the leading vegetable enterprise of Ukraine.