Opening of the new nursery compartment 21.11.2012

On the 20th of November the grand opening of the new nursery compartment was held in Uman Greenhouse Complex. The construction of the compartment for seedlings growing has been lasting during 2011-2012 in two stages. In 2011 it was built the 2.2 ha territory and in 2012 -1.1 ha. The nursery compartment total area is 3.3 ha; the useful area is 2.9 ha.

The newest technologies of this branch are applied in the nursery compartment.

To provide the convenient microclimate in the greenhouses of the complex it was installed the next systems:

  • additional illumination, 8000 lux power;
  • humidity regulation;
  • burst and sink on the floor treated with concrete;
  • upper watering;
  • curtaining;
  • heating;
  • ventilation.

The complex is equipped with the automated line of the grafting and the line of the pricking off.

The strict quarantine and disinfection are sustained on the territory of the complex during all the stages of the plants growing.

We use the sowing material of the world known seeds companies.

The period of the possible growing of the grafting tomatoes – 4 months (from November till February)

The productivity for the period – 1.2 million of peaces.


Diplomas and awards

Diploma of a participant of exhibition "Vegetables and fruits of Ukraine - 2007 "


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