Audit has been conducted in compliance with GLOBALG.A.P. 30.10.2012

In October 2012, Uman Greenhouse Complex for the fourth time has passed an independent audit of compliance with the international standard GLOBALG.A.P. The audit has been conducted by the world renown certification body SGS. International GLOBALG.A.P. Standard was introduced at the company in 2009.

The purpose of the Standard is to minimize risks of agricultural production through the tracking of the entire production cycle. Good Agricultural Practice (G.A.P.) - is the creation of an environment that prevents the possibility of accumulation in the resulting products of harmful substances of chemical origin, as well as mechanical and microbiological contamination. Thus, the certification conducted according to the GLOBALG.A.P. requirements is a guarantee that a particular product is obtained by strict compliance with all recommendations and requirements. The HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system developed in the middle of the twentieth century has been used for developing the GLOBALG.A.P. standard. It was created as a guide for improving the quality and safety of food.

The standard is based on principles of the HACCP which allow efficient management of production risks and identify critical areas that can to some extent affect the safety of growing products. The spectrum of the standard is quite broad. It covers many sectors of animal and crop production and fishery. At present the GLOBALG.A.P. standard is the most common standard of safety of agricultural products in the world.

Diplomas and awards

Diploma of a participant of exhibition "Vegetables and fruits of Ukraine - 2007 "


Audit is ongoing under the GLOBALG.A.P standard. 20-06-2019 Uman Greenhouse Factory is undergoing another audit to meet the...