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At present we have all the reasons to be proud of the technical level of our plant. Implementation of the latest world technologies helped us to be ahead of our competitors. But this would be impossible without people.  Well-trained and highly qualified management is the foundation of our business.

Director of the plant Gordiy Nikolay Vasilyevich is the  honoured agronomist of Ukraine with forty-year managing experience. Revival and prosperity of the company owe to his talent, intuition and diligence.

Dynasty is one of the best characteristics for the business, which means that the primary purpose is not   immediate profit by any price, and key values include stability, honesty and  good faith. Today  the Uman greenhouse plant  is a family business. By efforts of Antonina Nikolayevna Gordiy the peerless agrochemical laboratory “Demeter” was created. Now she heads the entire agronomic complex.

Andrey Gordiy is the head of the dynamically growing  Talnoye branch.

Viktor Gordiy is the Deputy Director on economic issues. He deals with implementation of innovations and attraction of investments.

Family values are, first of all, care of people. Our personnel are members of our family and the key asset of the plant.  


Certificate GLOBALG.A.P. - 2011

About company

About company
Uman greenhouse complex was founded in 1974. In 2002 began a rapid expansion of industrial areas, has increased the volume of production in greenhouses...